Multimedia notes application for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


Add a title and text to your note. Phone numbers, addresses, web links and Email addresses can be used interactive from inside Memono. 

Take a photo with the camera or choose one from the photo library and add it to your note. View the photo fullscreen and zoom into it. Save multiple images per note. 

Photo filters
Choose from many different photo filter effects and apply them to your photo. remove the filter effects at any time to reuse the original photo.

Audio recording
Record a voice message for every note.

Add a location to your note or let Memono do it automatically.

The date will be added automatically to each note and can also be edited. 

Color categories
Assign different colors to your notes to organize them. 

Share notes
Share your note via Email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo or save a custom designed Memono note to your photo library.

Reminder alert
Set a reminder alert for each note and receive a notification.

Use iCloud to synchronize your notes across all your devices and to save a backup in iCloud.

Lock your Memono app by defining a touch pattern gesture to protect your notes and keep them private. Use touch ID to unlock Memono with your fingerprint. 

Search & Spotlight search
Notes can be filtered by doing a text search.

3D Touch
Quick actions, peek and pop.

Apple Watch
Use Apple Watch to create a note. View your notes on Apple Watch. Receive notifications from Memono on Apple Watch.


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